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" Design's fundamental role is problem solver"— Fast Company, 2005

Hi! My name is Peter Paul Tabotabo and welcome to my online portfolio and visual playground, directFX (petertabotabo.com). I am a creative professional with over six years of active hands on experience in front-end web design, graphic design, UI/UX and Visual design for web, online games (e-poker) and other related platforms, flash design and animation, branding, and marketing collaterals both in design agency and in client side atmospheres; my experience has brought me industry knowledge of design processes in web design and development project lifecycles.

I currently work as a Senior Visual Designer for Asia Pacific (APAC) under Global Design at PayPal. One of my core duties is to support the APAC-User Experience Design Team (APAC-UED). Aside from providing support to my APAC team, I also work closely with Global Product Visual Design Team in the Company's HQ in San Jose-USA and APAC offices to ensure compliance with design standards.. Prior to my work at PayPal, I was senior designer for web & print at KaTasidy Inc., a full-service design and technology company, providing Web Design, Web Development, Web Hosting and Promotional Marketing Materials to businesses mostly but not limited to the state of Colorado in the U.S.

Over the years of my professional career as a creative, I've had the opportunity to help create better experiences for users, providing design that would solve the gap of communication between humans and machine. By constantly understanding how users interact with the things they normally use in their everyday lives, my quest to gain a deeper understanding about human behavior is one of the things that I intend to harness, to further enhance the results that I intend to produce, and be adaptable to future challenges that would come my way.